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  • RECEIVING PAYMENTS ? FROM real estate you sold? Get cash now! Call Steve @ 1-888-870-2243
  • Notice of Public Sale of property to satisfy a landlord’s lien. Sale to be held at Neighborhood Storage at 12610 Tanner Rd Houston TX 77041 on March 31 at 1:00pm. Seller reserves the right to withdraw the property at any time before the sale. Unit items sold for cash to highest bidder. Property includes the contents of spaces of the following tenants: T. Moore-tires; S.Pyne-furniture, appliance, household; D.Parker-appliance, household; L.Patt-misc household; I.Jackson-furniture, household.
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  • Notice to Patients Dr. Gilbert Manso will be retiring on March 31, 2017. His office at the Whole Health Center Houston, under the direction of Dr. Valeska Wells, will continue to care for his patients and will be the Custodian of their medical records. Dr. Manso is referring his patients to Dr. Wells. Dr. Valeska Wells is Board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Wells and Dr. Manso have been practicing together and sharing patients, clinical methods, and protocols for the past 4 years, so patients will have continuity of care. Please follow Dr. Wells at her website: . Patients may continue to access their medical records via their patient portal. Patients who desire to seek medical care elsewhere, should have their new provider request the records from the Whole Health Center Houston by sending a standard records request, properly signed by the patient, to .
  • NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Pursuant to Chapter 59 of The Texas property code the Goods stored at the listed Facility bellow will be sold to Satisfy a landlord’s lien. Sale Will be held on the designated Time and address. Goods will be sold to the Highest bidder. Seller re- serves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw and item(s) from the sale. DATE OF SALE: Saturday, April 22, 2017 At 11:00 AM BEST STORAGE 1810 N. FRY RD. CONTENTS: HOUSEHOLD-GOODS; & MANY MORE MISC. ITEMS TERENCE JONES, TYLER THOMPSON, ESTELLA ATKINS, ANDRE TILGHMAN, SHONDA WELLS, LASHUNDA SHEPARD, NICOLE JUSTICE, EMILY AULT, MANUEL REYES, JADE STEWART, JUSTIN DUCKETT, DAMON EDWARDS, FELECIA WILLIAMS, TRAVIS COLLINS, SHERRY A. FINCHE, CHERI COMBS, ASHLEY TENAGLIO.
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